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Northwest Pipeline LLC Notice Detail

Northwest Pipeline LLC

NOTICE # 22-068
Rangely OFO Lifted posted on May 31 2022 12:25PM

TSP Name:  Northwest Pipeline LLC     TSP:  67977322

Critical:  Y
Notice Stat Desc:  SUPERSEDE
Post D/T:  05/31/2022 12:25 PM MCT
Notice Eff D/T:  05/31/2022 12:25 PM MCT
Notice End D/T:  
Reqrd Rsp Desc:  No response required
Rsp D/T:  

Notice ID:  22-068
Prior Notice:  22-066
Subject:  Rangely OFO Lifted

Notice Text:

Effective immediately, the Recall Advisory and Operational Flow Order 
at the Rangely compressor (All Shippers Notice #22-066) will be lifted.

If you have any questions, please contact your Commercial Services 
Representative or the Hotline at 713-215-6301.