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Northwest Pipeline LLC Notice Detail

Northwest Pipeline LLC

NOTICE # 19-024
Jackson Prairie Withdrawals and PostID nominations posted on Feb 8 2019 12:34PM

TSP Name:  Northwest Pipeline LLC     TSP:  67977322

Critical:  Y
Notice Stat Desc:  INITIATE
Notice Type Desc:  OTHER
Post D/T:  02/08/2019 12:34 PM MCT
Notice Eff D/T:  02/08/2019 12:34 PM MCT
Notice End D/T:  
Reqrd Rsp Desc:  No response required
Rsp D/T:  

Notice ID:  19-024
Prior Notice:  
Subject:  Jackson Prairie Withdrawals and PostID nominations

Notice Text:

Based on the weather forecast in the Pacific Northwest and the current 
Jackson Prairie (JP) inventory level, effective immediately, Northwest 
will only allow primary withdrawal rights in the timely cycle at JP. 
Northwest will post on its DOR if there is available capacity for best 
efforts in the intraday day cycles.  

Further Northwest will only allow JP PostID nominations, including those to clear up entilment penalties,
if there is unutilized withdrawal rights at JP and if it does not negatively impact 
Northwest's storage account. 

Please contact your Marketing Services Representative or the Northwest 
Pipeline Hotline at (801) 584-7301 if you have any questions.