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Northwest Pipeline LLC Notice Detail

Northwest Pipeline LLC

NOTICE # 24-046
Offer to Release Capacity posted on Mar 13 2024 4:31PM

TSP Name:  Northwest Pipeline LLC     TSP:  67977322

Critical:  N
Notice Stat Desc:  INITIATE
Post D/T:  03/13/2024 4:31 PM MCT
Notice Eff D/T:  03/13/2024 4:31 PM MCT
Notice End D/T:  
Reqrd Rsp Desc:  No response required
Rsp D/T:  

Notice ID:  24-046
Prior Notice:  
Subject:  Offer to Release Capacity

Notice Text:

The following non-prearranged Capacity Release Offer will be posted for bid
on March 14, 2024, from 8:00 am – 9:00 am (MT)

Releasing Shipper Name: Citadel Energy Marketing LLC

Rec Loc Prop: 727
Name: Wild Horse Receipt
Del Loc Prop: 77
Name: Clay Basin Delivery
Maximum Qty: 42,000
Minimum Qty: 10,000
Req Res Rate: 0.3725
Beg Date: 04/01/2024
End Date: 10/31/2024