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Northwest Pipeline LLC Notice Detail

Northwest Pipeline LLC

NOTICE # 22-228
Customer-Specific Entitlement Warning Lifted posted on Dec 28 2022 8:46AM

TSP Name:  Northwest Pipeline LLC     TSP:  67977322

Critical:  Y
Notice Stat Desc:  SUPERSEDE
Post D/T:  12/28/2022 8:46 AM MCT
Notice Eff D/T:  12/28/2022 8:46 AM MCT
Notice End D/T:  
Reqrd Rsp Desc:  No response required
Rsp D/T:  

Notice ID:  22-228
Prior Notice:  22-222
Subject:  Customer-Specific Entitlement Warning Lifted

Notice Text:

Effective Gas Day Thursday, December 29th, Northwest Pipeline is lifting the entitlement warning for all Receiving

Parties north of the Kemmerer compressor, including the Spokane, Wenatchee and Grants Pass

Laterals that was placed in effect in All Shipper’s Notice #22-222. 


Northwest requests customers be diligent is maintaining balanced supply and demand and proactively monitoring:


·         System Balancing information, as indicated on Northwest’s Electronic Bulletin

Board (EBB) under the “PAL/System Balancing” tab.  Off system balancing is currently

designated as “No” for all areas.  Northwest requests that customers continue to be diligent

in managing supply and demand and avoid drafting the system; and

·         System storage account trend at Jackson Prairie (JP) which can be found on the

EBB under the “Storage Levels” tab.  Maintaining a JP storage balance above 700,000 Dth is a

key factor in determining the overall health of the system.  If Northwest’s JP account falls

below the 700,000 Dth threshold Northwest may reinstate the general system entitlement to

preserve system operational integrity.


Northwest will proactively monitor the weather forecast and may reinstate a system entitlement based on expected cold weather.


In addition, Northwest will evaluate physical operations at Sumas/Sipi throughput and key compressors in the I-5 corridor. 

Based on pipeline operations including prevailing pressures, ambient temperature, customers banking/drafting, etc.

Northwest will allow volumes to exceed physical design capacity if it can be done without negatively impacting firm service

commitment or overall pipeline operations.


If you have any questions, please contact your Commercial Services Representative or the Scheduling

Hotline at 713-215-6301.