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Northwest Pipeline LLC Notice Detail

Northwest Pipeline LLC

NOTICE # 19-083
Underrun Entitlement Warning posted on Apr 22 2019 11:56AM

TSP Name:  Northwest Pipeline LLC     TSP:  67977322

Critical:  Y
Notice Stat Desc:  INITIATE
Notice Type Desc:  OTHER
Post D/T:  04/22/2019 11:56 AM MCT
Notice Eff D/T:  04/22/2019 11:56 AM MCT
Notice End D/T:  
Reqrd Rsp Desc:  No response required
Rsp D/T:  

Notice ID:  19-083
Prior Notice:  
Subject:  Underrun Entitlement Warning

Notice Text:

Customers banked in excess of 600,000 Dth on Northwest Pipeline during the weekend of April 19-22.  
Nominations into Jackson Prairie exceeded the design capacity of 442,000 Dth/d and nominations at 
Plymouth LNG exceeded the physical capacity of 12,500 Dth/d.  Due to the current operational status, 
Northwest is requesting that customers align their markets and supplies to avoid banking on the system.  

If Northwest experiences continued excess banking, Northwest will declare a customer-specific, 
and/or general entitlement for underruns pursuant to Section 14.6 of Northwest's Pipeline Gas Tariff.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact your Marketing Services representative or 
the hotline at 801-584-7301.