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Interruptible Transportation Transactional Report

TSP Name: Northwest Pipeline LLC TSP: 067977322
K Holder Name: ConocoPhillips Company K Holder: 1368265
Svc Req K: 142931 K Holder Prop: 134
Rate Sch: SGS-2I K Stat Desc: New
Amend Eff Date: Amend Reason Code: New Contract
Svc Req Cat: Reg Auth: 18 CFR 284.223
IT Qty - K: 200000 Affil Ind Desc: None
Storage Capacity: 200000    
Amend Rptg Desc: All Data Post Date: 05/14/2019
K Beg Date: 05/14/2019 Post Time: 10:06
K End Date: 05/30/2019 K Ent Beg Date: 05/14/2019
K Ent End Date: 05/31/2019 K Ent Beg Time: 9:00AM
K Ent End Time: 9:00AM K Roll: Y
K Roll Term: 1 Month K Notify Term: 1 Month
K Termination Rights: Bilateral    
Disc Beg Date: Disc End Date:

Loc K Press Terms/Notes


Contract Rates

Rate ID Desc
Rate ID Desc
Description Blended rate
Max Trf Rate:
Rate Chgd:
Ngtd Rate Ind:
Mkt Based Rate Ind:
Max Trf Rate Ref Desc: Tariff

Disc Terms/Notes






Exhibit A: Contract Details

   Yes - See Contract Detail

Exhibit B: Non-Conforming Provisions


Exhibit C: Facility Reimbursement Obligation


Exhibit D: Negotiated Rate Provisions


Exhibit E: Buy-Out Provisions





1 If the rate displayed on the posting for Max Rate and Rate Charged are equal, then the contract is subject to the currently effective maximum tariff rate, unless otherwise identified in a footnote. To verify the current maximum tariff rate, please refer to Northwest's tariff.